Welcome to the ESA SMOS Online Dissemination Service


This service provides free access to all SMOS Level 1 and Level 2 Science and NRT data, to some auxiliary data products and to daily L3C Sea Ice Thickness organized by collections.

All operational and reprocessed science products within a given collection can be openly searched and browsed following the guidelines described in the Help Page.

In order to download any products of interest, either via HTTP or FTP, please login with your own ESA EO-SSO account or follow the instructions for creating one beforehand..

More information on the available data products and their Product Format Specifications can be found on the ESA Earth Online website.

Web Access:

You can search and browse the SMOS products openly from the "Collections" button on this page, but you first need to be logged in with your SSO account ("Login" button) in order to download files.

The Catalogue allows for data navigation and selection by data type, acquisition date, geographical area and file format. For more details, please refer to the on-line Help Page.

FTP Access:

SMOS products can also be downloaded from the smos-diss.eo.esa.int server by using explicit FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) using your own EO-SSO credentials.

In addition to the Earth Explorer format, L2 Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity user products are also available in NetCDF format under the _nc subdirectories. See more details.

Service News

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For more details or request of support please send an e-mail to smos.dissemination.support@esa.int.

The access and use of SMOS products are regulated by the ESA's Data Policy and subject to the acceptance of the specific Terms & Conditions for the Utilisation of ESA Earth Observation Data.
Users accessing SMOS products are intrinsically acknowledging and accepting the above.